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Aum, Omkara & Pranava
Stainless Steel & Fiber

4.4 H x 3.3 L x 3.3 W (ft)
53 H x 40 L x 40 W (cm) 

2.3 H x 1.8 L x 1.8 W (ft)

71 H x 53 L x 53 W (cm)

2.3 H x 1.4 L x 1.4 W (ft)

53 H x 43 L x 43 W (cm)

Self-actualization and internal tranquility are essential learnings to overcome the physical realm and transcend into the spiritual realm.

By unifying the soul and mind, we create a bond that focusesattention, concentration and uni es our existence. Is is through such mindful

reflections of the self that we strive towards the ultimateform of being. These peaceful vibrations resonate through our bodies, uplift the soul and awaken the mind. Pursue peace within the mind and you shall create love that knows no bounds.

Where do you find ultimate tranquility?

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