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Stainless Steel, Mirror Polish 
99.1 H x 144.8 L x 34.3 W (cm)
39 H x 57 L x 13.5 W (in)

It is imperative to seek knowledge from the traditions of our forefathers, for each life contains a constant source of evolutionary insight. It is with great dignity that each generation passes on the bastion of high virtue and moral prudence. These values of togetherness are deeply rooted in the social structures of the Painted Wolf, who internalize the idea that uplifting the strength of the weakest member, drives strength to the whole pack. It is only when they all rise up together, that they are capable of redefining their own boundaries. It is with the utmost care and diligence that one must inherit and uphold the virtues given to us, for the greatest gift to a forthcoming generation, is to gain the wisdom that has transcended time.

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