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Stainless Steel & Fiber
130 H x 180 L x 34 W (cm)
51 H x 71 L x 13 W (in)

It is only when you are truly engaged in the present, engrossed and enamored by the present moment can you find a moment of bliss. Such is the beauty of bliss, it can only be truly experienced in the moment and is an ever fleeting phenomena. Like a horse existing so purely in the wild, so unattached to external forces and present in the impermanent environment, bliss is an experience that must be found and cherished in the moment. Attempting to capture and tame it will only result in failure, as it can only truly live in the freedom of the mind. As if a child at play - a mind that is purely focused in the moment, a mind that has found balance from within - bliss can find a multitude of facets of existence. Search for the balance from within and a clarity of mind and the joy of existence shall find its path to you. 

How do you find the purity of bliss in your life?

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