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Bliss & Blessings
Stainless Steel & Fiber

4.25 H x 5.92 L x 1.08 W (ft)  
130 H x 180 L x 34 W (cm)  
3.14 H x 4.13 L x 0.98 W (ft)  
96 H x 126 L x 30 W (cm)

There are two intrinsic values that horses inherently represent. This sculpture features two horses that act as representatives of these values amidst the cacophony of materialism, "Bliss" beckons us to discover that true happiness resides within ourselves. It embodies the simplicity of finding contentment by embracing our innermost essence and harmonising with the world around us. Like a child engrossed in play, it embodies a state of unwavering presence, where the mind finds serenity and balance from within. "Blessing" portrays a sense of gratitude and reverence. The sculpture radiates a serene power, capturing the tranquil strength of a horse in repose. It symbolises the deep respect we hold for these magnificent creatures and the blessings they bestow upon us with their presence. Through its meticulously sculpted form, "Blessing" invites contemplation and evokes a sense of profound appreciation for the equine spirit.

How do you find bliss and blessings in your life?

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