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Bat 5 H x 0.4 L x 0.6 W (ft) | 152.4 H x 12.2 L x 18.3 W (cm) | Stainless Steel
Flower 1.6 H x 0.5 L x 0.5 W (ft) | 5 H x 15 L x 15 W (cm) | Porcelain

Art for a Cause
In order to empower the spirit of sportsmanship and bolster the prosperity of the rich sporting culture of India, we have partnered with the Mukul Madhav Foundation. The foundation creates opportunities for underserved communities in Healthcare, Education, Environment, Social Welfare, and Sports. A portion of the proceeds from "The Fourth Umpire” series will go towards promoting sports activities and athletic endeavours amongst the undeserved communities in our country.


Our roots extend beyond our wildest imaginations, giving us the depth we need to nourish all aspects of ourselves, and eventually bloom into what we might become. Be it in a stadium where millions of eyes remain glued to us, or in our most personal and solitary moments, our kindness and honour must remain the same. A flower that blooms amidst the densest of woods, still blooms even if no one ever catches a glimpse of it.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

To create a personalized installation, the time pieces on each cricket bat can be crafted with the birth times or birth dates of you and your loved ones. Please reach out to us to create a personalized piece.

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