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Boundless Voyage
Stainless Steel

4.2 H x 5.6 L x 1.1 W (ft)
129 H x 170 L x 32 W (cm)

In the delicate framework of existence, the essence of time unfolds, intricately woven into the fabric of our souls. Time is a relentless force, a reflection of our journey through the ever-shifting landscapes of change. As it inevitably churns the cogs of change, the direction is up to us. Like horses galloping through a boundless grassland, free will and the choices we make steer our temporal course. As the hands of the clock tick forward the fluid dance between the inexorable flow of time and the autonomy we hold over our destinies, etches the story of our lives onto a grand tapestry. In the cosmic scheme of things, we must embrace the beauty of change and navigate the currents of time with grace.Only we possess the power to shape the narrative of our lives.


Will you ride with the time, or let it pass you by?

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