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Delusion of Differences
Stainless Steel

6.5 H x 8.7 L x 3.7 W (ft)
198 H x 265 L x 115 W (cm)


Delusion of Differences, a portrayal of the ever balancing coexisting good and evil forces in the world, serves as juxtaposition between childhood bliss and modern warfare. As we mature, our morality and ethics change. This constant struggle to find the right path is the source of inspiration for this diametrically opposed art piece, with the cloud being a polysemy, representing innocent daydreams or an atomic cloud. Harmony, the final piece in the growth of human life, is represented by a large gyroscope. It represents the achievement of oneness, both in mind and body, and that sense of constant balance with all aspects of our life. As we mature we grow more capable of keeping all aspects of our life in equilibrium, each balancing each other out so that we are surrounding by an aura of inner peace, and self-actualization.

How do you find your journey to oneness?

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