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Stainless Steel, Fiber

5.5 H x 2 D (ft)

167 H x 61 D  (cm)

5.1 H x 2 D (ft)

157 H x 61 D  (cm)

A force that is unstoppable yet controllable, such is the beauty of time. While we cannot stop the flow of time, we have abundant control of how we utilize the time given to us. This dissemination of spatial order into a complex flow of actions and movements is the beauty of such entropic actions. A single movement in the game of chess and life causes an unrelenting chain of repercussions that alter the deterministic flow of time. Infinite possibilities and opportunities await every movement, with the urgency of life and death on the line. It is a game of high consequences and deep contemplation - life and chess. You must find a method to be present in the movement to ensure that the entropy of your existence is determined by your own causations.


Be mindful of your actions for time is both merciful and unforgiving. While you strive for a utopian romance of eternity, be present in the actions that will take you there. 


Do you believe in your ability to influence the flow of time towards your own desires?

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