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Ethereal Value
Stainless Steel & Brass

4.6 H x 8.5 L x 3 W (ft)
142 H x 261 L x 89 W (cm)

We live in unprecedented times; connected with each other along all coordinates of life imaginable. We are after all, a global community. With this very elaborate intertwining of lives, comes the inevitable and indeed a most instrumental convergence of economies, shaping how cultures and nations evolve. We find ourselves nestled within a nexus of distinct currencies, a unified system that looks after our material needs and forms the very bedrock of civilizational stability and democratic ethos. Human beings have an innate need to assign some sort of value to all things they encounter; material or abstract. Institutions that act as bastions of the financial order ensure that this very act of assigning value to all material things is a participatory endeavour. What remains of us to do is to decide how we assign value to things most internal to us. Interpersonal values and abstractions of the kind that aren’t quantifiable. While material value lies codified in robust systems, determining the abstract kind is a journey unto itself and we must all find our own way.

How do you determine value in your life?

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