Ethereal Value
Stainless Steel & Bronze
142 H x 261 L x 89 W (cm)
56 H x 103 L x 35 W (in)

There is a necessity within humanity to designate mutually agreeable values of material and non-material entities. These understandings allow society to prosper through the delegation of task and efficiency of scarce resources. However there is this strange imbalance that arises when the inherent value and the assumed values are at odds with each other. As long as this unbalanced demand exists, there will be an incongruence between how we find value. How can we safely ensure that society is optimized towards equivalent process when there is a dichotomy in the way we ascertain value. The capitalist forces of the economy ensure that waste and inefficiency is eliminated over time, but too easily are we influenced by the marketing ploys of the biased influencer. Be influenced, but not because of external pressures, but because of internal contemplation and reasoning. We must ask ourselves, while being in the present, how do we determine value, not according to what market forces tell us, but the personal value that we apply.    

For determining your own value will aid in prioritizing your own life goals.  

How do you determine value in your life?