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Stainless Steel & Fiber

6.4 H x 9.1 L x 3.7 W (ft)
195 H x 279 L x 114 W (cm)
4.1 H x 6.7 L x 2.4 W (cm)
124 H x 205 L x 72 W (cm)
3.6 H x 6 L x 2.3 W (ft)
109 H x 183 L x 71 W (cm)

Seek guidance from the experienced, pursue knowledge from the wise and embrace humility from the accomplished. The virtues of our forefathers shall guide the path towards self actualization. The teachings that they pass down through generations have had a profound impact on society, ones that create impactful change on the existence of humanity. It is our duty to be present in the moment, to understand the teaching of our forbearers and ensure that they are passed down to the children of the world. It is only through mindful contemplation and truthful self reflection that we can find value in our actions. Embrace your undying quest for knowledge, and seek consciousness to create meaningful change in the world. It is the roots sown today, that shall provide shade for the children of the future. 

How will you create an impact for generations to come? 

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