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Wood, Fiber & Brass

4 H x 6 L x 1.1 W (ft)
121 H x 182 L x 17 W (cm)

The eternal search for the liberty to decide your own fate is a concept that is so central to the existence of humanity that it consumes our entire being. The liberation of the mind and concept of freedom are inherently constrained by civilized society. The idea of freedom connotes an ability to have a deeper understanding of an action and take deliberate steps on your own accord. It requires an ability to be present, be logical and emotional - your freedom must be defined by you, not by what society says it is. Why do we seek freedom? To liberate ourselves from the constrains of what we are expected to be. Not only is it dependent upon free thought, but an unrelenting might to put that thought into action, to cross the hurdles that you will inevitably face and challenge yourself to attain your self-actualized goals. The liberation of the mind comes through transcendental presence and genuine purpose of existing.

Are your concepts of freedom based on internal contemplation, or are they constrained by what you have been told freedom is?

Courtesy: Architectural Digest

Courtesy: Architectural Digest

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