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Stainless Steel

6.4 H x 9.2 L x 3.7 W (ft)
195 H x 279 L x 114 W (cm)

Inception, a teakettle-crafted sculpture, humbly signifies the origins of human existence, reminiscent of the laborious life of a chai-wala. Perpetual Motion, formed from gears, illustrates the habitual flow of daily life. Just as gears affect each other within a system, humans' actions resonate beyond their immediate circles. Delusion of Differences juxtaposes childhood innocence with the complexities of good and evil, symbolized by a cloud that signifies both daydreams and the grim specter of modern warfare. Harmony, the final piece, features a large gyroscope containing an elephant, emblematic of achieving oneness in mind and body, representing a constant balance in life. These distinct sculptures collectively represent the pursuit of oneness, unified by the presence of the elephant. The elephant, a symbol of human coexistence with the natural world, embodies both humble strength and innate charisma. Enclosed within these elephants are ascending red gyroscopes, symbolizing the stability required for attaining oneness. This stability, akin to the flow of blood within us, is crucial on the path to achieving steadfastness. The installation culminates in Harmony, where the red gyroscope envelops the elephant, maintaining its stability at the core; epitomizing the state of oneness.

How do you find your journey to oneness?

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