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Little Blue Screen
Stainless Steel & Bronze
196 D (cm)
78 D (in)

It is a humorous yet surreal idea that the lives of so many are dictated by a little blue screen that is an extension of themselves. It is an extension of their existence, of their personality and identity. It defines actions and dictates how we interact. Who would have thought that such a meager device could have such a profound impact on the entirety of humanity.  A device that connects us all, yet somehow seems to disconnect us from our true selves. A device that encompasses all information, yet lacks the simple knowledge that is inherent within humanity. We find ourselves living in a moment where we cannot seem to disengage with these extensions of our personalities, they define us, they give us liberation and hold us captive. Information needs to be concise, interaction has to be pithy and eloquent, we put our best selves online for the world to see, but how often is this best self manifested in the real world? How often do we stop and reflect on what that best self truly is?


This little blue screen, does it define you, or do you define it?

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