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Little Blue Screen
Stainless Steel & Brass

6.4 D (ft)
196 D (cm)

When we look around, we find that technology has become part of our lives to such an unprecedented degree that it is now effectively the front and center of our entire communicative experience. The sculpture, Little Blue Screen, acknowledges and celebrates the impact of technology on our everyday lives. Technology can be truly uplifting when it works in harmony with the lives of those that use it. The pandemic has shown us the scale of meaningful impact in keeping people safe, connected and informed in even the most trying times. As the world went into isolation, the screens we interact with everyday became portals to our workspaces, schools, and to the lives of our loved ones, reminding us that we are not alone. The core idea of the sculpture is to highlight the balance we need in order to lead a fulfilling life in a rapidly changing landscape. The times we live in mark the beginning of a new era of communication and culture, spearheaded by technology.

This little blue screen, does it define you, or do you define it?

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