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Love Has Two Faces
Stainless Steel & Fiber

3.5 H x 6.2 L x 1.1 W (ft)
108 H x 188 L x 32 W (cm)

The duality of love can be explored through a metaphysical understanding of identity and presence. We must acknowledge and be true to ourselves, what we truly value and why we value it. We often deceive ourselves of the true intent of our adoration in order to appease the rigid structures of society that we belong to. While fiction and culture have romanticized love and dictated how it should be understood, it is essential for the individual to seek internal affirmation for that which they cherish. Love is not easy, it is a complex and deep emotion that brings about both positive and negative emotions, both of which are as important to truly embracing the multitude facets of the raw emotion. There in, the duality of love is essential and fundamental to the human experience. For true love there must be sacrifice, for true love there must be pain and pleasure, one cannot simply exist without the other. Find the love from within, with the purest of intentions and it shall truly be eternal. 

What makes you feel truly alive?

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