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Omkara & Pranava
Stainless Steel | Mirror Polish
71 H x 50 L x 45 D (cm)
28 H x 20 L x 18 W (in)
53 H x 40 L x 40 (cm)
21 H x 16 L x 16 W (in)

Omkara and Pranava are synonyms for the symbol Om. Originating from ancient yogic texts like the Upanishads, the sound vibrating through the universe when uttering the “Om” sound is meant to represent absolute reality. It is this reality we strive for, and this self actualization and desire for peace that is represented by the ovoid spherical sculptures. The primordial sound generated when chanting Om creates peaceful vibrations that resonate throughout the body, unifying and bringing oneness to the soul – the ultimate reality. Chanting this syllable focuses attention, and concentration, unifying the self.

These ovoid Om sculptures are the embodiment of unity and self-realization. As humans we are constantly striving to achieve peace and self-realization from external sources, using the world around us to support our selves. However, true unity can only be found when one is at peace with oneself. This is represented by the ovoid shapes – the origin of all humans. When we first emerge from the womb, we have no fears or worries. The retreat to this state of unity and harmoniousness of the soul.

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