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Peace in Red
Mild Steel

7.5 H x 11 L x 3 W (ft)
228 H x 335 L x 91 W (cm)

Amidst a landscape of the mundane, drab, and quotidian rhythm of life, the palette of existence is enriched with each spark of uniqueness, like fireflies illuminating a dark forest. We aren’t cold machines that chug along the beaten path, following lines of some social code, over and over again. We are designed to defy conformity. To stride into the wilderness boldly demands a courageous understanding of what it means to be different. The journey toward authenticity is akin to a spirited gallop against the currents of normativity. Embracing individuality is not merely an act of rebellion. It is not about being different for the sake of it but an articulation of the self. It is a celebration of the kaleidoscopic richness that diversity brings.

What makes you different?

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