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4.1 H x 5.7 L x 1.1 W (ft)
129 H x 176 L x 33 W (cm)

Prophecy, like a spectral presence, introduces the idea of a predetermined narrative, a script whispered by the universe. Yet, within this abstraction, there is a play—a dynamic interplay where individual decisions shape the unfolding drama. Foresight, a mysterious guide, offers glimpses into potential paths, encouraging us to navigate the intricate maze of existence with conscious intent. As we traverse the uncharted territories of our futures, the concept of prophecy becomes a philosophical muse. It encourages reflection on the agency we wield, prompting us to recognize our roles as architects of destiny within the grand theater of life. In this abstract exploration, prophecy is not a fixed decree but an enigmatic invitation—an invitation to engage with the evolving tale of our lives, to embrace uncertainties with courage, and to acknowledge the profound significance embedded in the choices we make along the way.

What is your destiny?

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