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1.25 H x 0.9 L x 0.1 W (ft)
39 H x 28.5 L x 2 W (cm)
0.3 H x 0.6 x 0.3 (ft)
9 H x 23 L x 7.5 W (cm) 

Why do we look up at the sky? Almost instinctively, or enchanted by some strange gravity, our heads tilt up as we aspire, hope, pine, pray, or any of the great emotions that dot the interiors of our soul. Do we anticipate divinity? Or just the warmth of the sun, gently and ever so often obscured by wings flapped across the expanse that lay above. A warm smile of invitation, charted by some purposeful flock, flying in fortuitous arcs, performing manoeuvres unimaginable to even the most trained pilot. What do we then seek when we look above? A mote of possibility - to grow, to surpass, and perhaps even to soar, as if it were destiny all along. When we put faith in perhaps some divine investment in our prosperity, perhaps we also, unknowingly put faith in ourselves, believing us worthy of being looked at by transcendent beings, perched on our shoulders.

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