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Mild Steel

6 H x 8.5 L x 3.5 W (ft)
182 H x 260 L x 106 W (cm)

Chance is an elusive companion, introducing spontaneity into our experiences. Unforeseen moments, like quiet artisans, add strokes of unpredictability to the canvas of our endeavors. But it is also fickle, often slipping away when we need it the most. It tends to perch on our shoulders when we least expect it, startling us for its amusement. Amidst these dynamics, perseverance emerges as the craftsman, shaping the fluid contours of our destinies. If our life is like a cake, we must build it from the ground up, bake it in the oven of hard work, and it is only when we are done shaping it the best we can, perhaps we get the colorful sprinkles of luck. It's not about actively pursuing luck but creating an environment where unforeseen moments harmonize with the fruits of our labor. In this symphony of chance and diligence, we uncover that genuine fortune often graces those who carve their own paths, cultivating the seeds of dedicated effort into a garden of unexpected possibilities.

Is it all change, or do you persevere?

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