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Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
Stainless Steel, Brass & Wood 

Bull: 5.65 H x 8.58 L x 4.92 W (ft) | 172 H x 261 L x 150 W (cm)  
Red Circle: 0.91 W x 3.41 D (ft) |  28 W x 104 D (cm)  / Arrows: 2 L (ft) | 61 L (cm)

Please join us at the European Cultural Centre (ECC), Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy from 20th April to 24th November 2024

Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune stands as a poignant reflection on the persistent gender pay gap, an issue deeply rooted in the socio-economic fabric of societies around the world. At the core of this disparity is not just a quantifiable imbalance in earnings but a symbol of the undervaluation of women's labor and worth. At the heart of the installation is a stainless steel bull, featuring major world currencies. The bull, as it charges towards a circular target, represents a patriarchal structure that valorizes and perpetuates male hegemony. Piercing the body of the bull are red arrows, each a testament to the incremental but significant advancements made in the fight against the gender pay gap. These arrows mark the efforts of those who challenge the status quo, who dare to speak against systemic biases, and who work tirelessly towards an equitable future.

The circular target that the bull charges towards represents the unified goal of achieving gender equality. This circle is not merely an endpoint but a symbol of continuity and unity - a reminder that the fight against gender inequality is ongoing, requiring collective effort and unwavering commitment. It signifies the world coming full circle to a point where gender no longer determines one's economic value or opportunity. This installation does not merely depict the struggle against gender inequality; it is a call to action - a reminder that while the journey towards equality is fraught with challenges, the collective resolve to overcome these obstacles can and will forge a more inclusive world. The sculpture stands resolute with the groundbreaking work of Nobel Laureate Claudia Goldin and celebrates her pursuit for gender equality.

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