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Sunshine & Triumph
Mild Steel 

6.5 H x 7.8 L x 3.5 W (ft)
198 H x 239 L x 106 W (cm)
6.5 H x 8.5 L x 3.5 W (ft)
198 H x 260 L x 106 W (cm)

These hand sculpted elephants are a representation of the interweaving of these beautiful mammals into human life. Made in steel, they portray the endless might of the majestic elephant and the sheer power and might of an elephant. The vivd colors are used to depict the dichotomy in which an elephant can be so powerful and destructive while still being a model of elegance and poise. Placed indoors or outdoors, these larger than life sculptures will create an aura of beauty and color to any environment. 


Whether being used in wars or for daily tasks, elephant have had an integral role in human life dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. However, we as humans have taken advantage of these beautiful creatures and utilized them for their ivory tusks. The steel outer shell represents this misuse and entrapment of these animals and equivalently shows us the need to protect the elephants. 

Could we ever leave the sublimity of nature alone?

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