The Blink of an Eye
Bat 163 H x 12.5 L x 18 W (cm) | Stainless Steel
Hare 35.5 H x 61 L x 23 W (cm) | Fibre
Tortoise 11.5 H x 40 L x 22 W (cm) | Fibre
DSC00750 (1).jpg

The arrow of time knows only what lies ahead of it. It doesn't look back, it doesn't wait for us to catch our breath. It tempts us to match it's speed, to forget who we are and our purpose as we descend into a blind pursuit of a mirage. But time travels in diferent paces with diferent people. It ambles, trots, gallops, and appears to stand still. It is like unto an illusion that mirrors our circumstances, and our state of mind. Like a beating heart, a moment is splintered into a million, preceding the run up to a decisive final delivery. And then in the blink of an eye, it races past as if it never slowed down. The arrow of time lives within us and to accommodate the quirks of time, is to come to terms with our state of mind.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

To create a personalized installation, the time pieces on each cricket bat can be crafted with the birth times or birth dates of you and your loved ones. Please reach out to us to create a personalized piece.