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The Equestrian Series
Stainless Steel & Fibre 

Poise: 130 H x 180 L x 34 W (cm) | 51 H x 71 L x 13 W (in)

Bliss & Blessings: 
130 H x 180 L x 34 W (cm) | 51 H x 71 L x 13 W (in)
96 H x 126 L x 30 W (cm) | 38 H x 50 L x 12 W (in)

The bond between human beings and horses is a historic one. This is the bond that transformed transportation, that saw empires rise and fall. This collection of sculptures tells a unique story, one as old as time itself, capturing the essence of the equestrian lifestyle and the captivating allure of polo. With meticulous attention to detail, these awe-inspiring artworks embody grace, strength, and profound beauty. They will transport you into a world of disciplined elegance and untamed passion.

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