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The Journey to Oneness
A Series of Four Sculptures 
Inception - Perpetual Motion
Delusion of Differences - Harmony 
Stainless Steel, Mild Steel

6.4 H x 9.2 L x 3.7 W (ft)
195 H x 279 L x 114 W (cm)
Perpetual Motion

6.4 H x 8.5 L x 3.7 W (ft)
198 H x 260 L x 115 W (cm)
Delusion of Diffrences

6.4 H x 8.5 L x 3.7 W (ft) 198 H x 260 L x 115 W (cm)

6.1 H x 5.9 L x 5.9 W (ft) 188 H x 182 L x 182 W (cm)

Inception, Perpetual Motion, Delusion of Differences and Harmony are the four pillars that represent the flow of human life. Titled The Journey to Oneness, the quaternary composition portrays themes that drift beyond the solitude of the individual sculptures. When displayed together, these four components depict the ever-longing pursuit of oneness.

Inception, handcrafted with teakettles, is a solemn reminder of the humble beginnings of man, of the unassuming origins of the chai- wala’s laborious life. Perpetual Motion, fashioned in gears, mirrors the habitual flow of daily life. Each gear, although fixed upon its axis of revolution, has an effect on every single cog in the system. Humans, like gears, may seem to be revolving in their own chasms, but their movements have repercussions beyond the individual’s proximate neighbors. Delusion of Differences, a portrayal of the ever balancing coexisting good and evil forces in the world, serves as juxtaposition between childhood bliss and modern warfare. As we mature, our morality and ethics change. This constant struggle to find the right path is the source of inspiration for this diametrically opposed art piece, with the cloud being a polysemy, representing innocent daydreams or an atomic cloud. Harmony, the final piece in the growth of human life, is represented by a large gyroscope, with an elephant contained within. It represents the achievement of oneness, both in mind and body, and that sense of constant balance with all aspects of our life. As we mature we grow more capable of keeping all aspects of our life in equilibrium, each balancing each other out so that we are surrounding by an aura of inner peace, and self-actualization.

These four ideas have been encompassed in their own creations, but what unites them is the humble and majestic elephant. Creating the outer shell, the elephant has been chosen, not only as a symbol of the fraught nature of human’s coexistence with the natural environment, but also a reflection of the animal’s humble strength and innate charisma. Encompassed in these elephants are hand crafted red gyroscopes in ascending size order. These gyroscopes reflect the stability that one must achieve towards oneness. It is important that this stability comes from within us, like the blood flowing through our veins, for the path to oneness is dependent upon steadfastness. The last piece in the installation, Harmony, represents the state of oneness, with the red gyroscope growing to encompass the elephant, keeping it stable at its core.

How do you find your journey to oneness?

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