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Time's Up
Stainless Steel, Mirror Polish
167 H x 61 D  (cm)
66 H x  24 D (in)
157 H x 61 D  (cm)
61 H x  24 D (in)

The time has come for the end of inequality, harassment  and sexual assault. The idea behind this installation is to depict the progress that society has made to stop these heinous acts. From a fallen Queen besides the King, to equal beings, in mind and body. The transformation of the piece mirrors the Time’s Up movement’s ability to cause palpable change in the world around us. Embodied in each sculpture are time pieces crafted in stainless steel. The clock is ticking and there is change to be made. 


The installation begins with a fallen Queen, dethroned from her base, lying on the ground. Beside her, a deep red skull symbolizing her anguish and pain. The might of the golden skull stands empowered in the chasms of the King. This is the past, where the sheer imbalance between these two beings allowed for injustice and anguish to prevail. 


The installation moves on to depict the red skull, dangling from the base of the Queen. It’s womb, open and exposed in the redness of pain. Still debased and vulnerable, the Queen lies on its side beside the King. The gold of the skull shining bright and infallible, seeping in power and greed. The white and black stone bases playing stark contrast to each other. 

Enough is enough, there is no place for such imbalance in the world. The Queen slowly rises from the ground, in stature and pride, gaining an unheard voice. There is equality, there is balance. The skulls are now suspended in the minds of the pieces - equal in mind and body. They stand together, as companions and partners. The minds are balanced and the harmony prevails. There are numerous strides we still need to make to realize this balance in the world. 


The Time’s Up movement fosters this process to come to fruition. The harassment and pain that women suffer has to come to an end. We must stand together in solidarity, to unite and believe in the power of many to change the ill-conceived structures of our society. The time has come to make a change. 

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