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Trance & Tranquility
Stainless Steel & Fiber

4.8 H x 4.8 L x 1.1 W (ft) 
142 H x 145 L x 33 W (cm)

The cardinal timekeeper knows our innermost self. It is the manifestation of all our dreams and desires, and with all its cardiac might it pushes us to strive towards our whims and goals alike. Attuned to our very being to an unfathomable degree, it speeds up time when we find ourselves in predicaments that excite us. It slows down reality itself when we hang between wakefulness and the warm embrace of a well deserved slumber. The heart knows us as we are, and yet we let ourselves be overwhelmed by visions and revisions of uncertainty, and fear. It fights our battles for us, gets broken, shattered even. But we find it all patched up and ready to try again. It yearns, and is exchanged in the rituals of love, and it has our back whenever we need it. When we ignore that faint voice from within, we defy who we really are. Perhaps the answer to what we often desperately seek, lies deep within.

What are you searching for?

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