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Stainless Steel

2.1 H x 1.8 L x 1.9 W (ft)
63 H x 53 L x 57 W (cm) 

Jagged steel cuts a sharp profile against the cityscape, capturing the essence of untamed courage in an urban landscape. This is Valor, a sculpture that transcends the physical form of a leopard, transforming into a powerful symbol of bravery.

The artist's keen eye has captured the intensity of the predator's gaze, its every facet sculpted with an unwavering resolve.  Valor isn't just a depiction of a wild animal; it's a potent reminder of the courage that resides within all of us. As you stand before it, the sculpture compels you to confront your own fears and channel the unwavering spirit it embodies.

Whether you see it as a reflection of inner strength or a call to action, Valor is a stunning piece of public art that sparks conversation and ignites the flame of courage within. It's a must-see for anyone seeking inspiration and a reminder that even in the heart of the concrete jungle, the wild spirit of bravery can still thrive.

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