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3.2 H x 4.9 L x 0.9 W (ft)
99 H x 150 L x 28 W (cm)

Our lives never traverse in straight lines. They’re like rivers meandering along countless crests and troughs that mould us into what we are, and what we would yet become. It's almost like some providence necessitates that peril should follow existence till the last syllable of recorded time. What we know to be adversity, is also a call, a challenge that demands we overcome it. Rising up in the face of even the most insurmountable adversity is what defines a leader. Those at the vanguard are responsible for paving the way forward for the pack. The ultimate test is not just to lead to a path of truth and righteousness, but also to make sure that no one is lost along the way.

Do you have the strength to lead the pack?


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