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We Dream Under The Same Sky | The Triplet
Stainless Steel, Fiber & Brass 

Pillar 1: 4.2 H x 1.3 L x 1.3 (ft) | 129.5 H x 40.6 L x 40.6 W (cm)
Pillar 2: 5 H x 1.5 L x 1.5 (ft) | 149.8 H x 46 L x 46 W (cm)
Pillar 3: 3.6 H x 1.5 L x 1.5 (ft) | 109.2 H x 46 L x 46 W (cm)
Brass Ring: 0.5 H x 1.5 L x 1.5 (ft)
| 15 H x 46 L x 46 W (cm)

There’s a glimmer, finding its way from the depths of the mind. As slow and sure as the head tilts up towards the sky, the glimmer finds itself nestled in an eye, now aimed at the stars. To see greatness within grasp in the mind’s eye need not always melt our hopes like wings of wax. To dream with eyes wide open has always been the catalyst of change; of every great ambition that dared to deliver us unto unimaginable heights.


We Dream Under the Same Sky is an enigma as much as it is a modern sculpture. This enigma is coded in the beautifully crafted timepieces on the pillars that represent the birthdates of great visionaries from around the world. The sculpture invites the audience to look at the timepieces and try to figure out the identity of the corresponding visionaries. For example, Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, so the hour hand is on 2 and the minute hand is on 24 such that the timepiece on the sculpture reads 2:24. Similarly, for Nelson Mandela, the clocks read 7:18 (Birthdate July 18th)  for Marie Curie, the clock reads 11:07 (Birthdate Nov 7th). This sculpture is an interactive way to learn about the great minds who changed our lives forever.

What are your dreams?

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