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Stainless Steel & Fiber

3 H x 2.9 L x 0.7 W (ft)
92 H x 89 L x 23 W (cm)

3 H x 2.6 L x 0.6 W (ft)
91 H x 81 L x 18 W (cm)

Love is an emotion so raw and essential to the human experience that it is most pervasive when truly experienced in the present. The stories of love take many shapes and forms, but the core underlying emotions are based on the same human connections that develop in the moment. Therefore, it is essential that in our perpetual quest for love, that we reflect on our priorities and understand the intentions of our actions. Be true to the moment and be true to your love, for your true passions will only manifest in the present. Seek value in the journey, learn to embrace the joy and agony. For it is only the valleys that let you appreciate the mountains. 

How do you find balance in your journey of love?

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