Recent Work

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“Love knows no negativity, for it is the embodiment of the heart.”

Love Has Two Faces

The beauty of the soul lies within the ability to find oneness within yourself.

Ekathva & Lavanya

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“The choices are limitless, the outcomes are innumerable, it is the chase that defines the individual”

The Pursuit

Sonal Ambani

Sculptor Sonal Ambani began her creative journey three decades ago, sculpting across various mediums and styles. Her work bridges the gap between nature and urbanization, seeking to create a delicate bond between these two diverse ecosystems. Each piece is adorned with her symbolic peace sign, a theme that is at the core of her work. Sonal sculpts with the intention of challenging the viewer to create his/her own meaning by reflecting upon their own life experiences. She believes that art needs to find that balance between visual elegance and intrinsic contemplation. 

 © Sonal Ambani 

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