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We must implore ourselves, in this ever distracting world, to put aside our distractions and find ourselves alive in the moment. Experience time as it occurs, not as a memory or a recollection, but as a force so present that it dictates the absolute attention of our minds. Embrace the now, experience the present and value the blissful clarity of mind. 


Transcendental Time embraces this spirit of experience and invites the viewer to be ever present and reflect upon themselves the questions that challenge their soul. Seek transcendence beyond mere physical presence and put yourself into existance in front of a piece of art. The aim is to question your fundamental beliefs, dig at the core of the fundamentals, not in an attempt to destroy the foundations but to build upon them through the sheer power of raw experience. 


Transcend your thoughts, believe in the moment, experience time as pure as it passes.


An art experience that challenges you to find value in the present, to seek purity of mind through careful reflection of one's needs.

Dates: 25 January to 25 March 2020

Timings: 11 am to 7 pm

Venue: 5th Floor, Kolkata Centre for Creativity 


+91 7600 87 8258 |

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